My holiday in Europe

Hi everyone,  Had a great time in London, France and Italy.  We enjoyed all the places we visited but the highlight was visiting the Somme Battle fields and Villes Bretteneaux, a town in France saved by the Aussie soldiers. Visiting the War Memorial in Villes Bretteneaux was very emotional, discovering how many soldiers died in the war and visiting some of their graves.  Did you know there is over 3,000 different war cemeteries scattered throughout France?IMG_1797


The grade five and six have been practising for there production for the last two months. Last night was the big night and we all did two songs and the opening and closing. Our class did “Can’t Touch This” and “What I Like About You”. All day yesterday we were at eastbank and we were practising all day. we ran through twice and made it perfect. The show was amazing.

super market excursion

today all grade 5 went to the shepparton market place where we went to look at the cost of living. We wrote down a shopping list for one night away. We wrote down some ingredients to make dinner. we bought some breakfast and lunch. We also where reading that the shops make the tiles small so they make you think your going to fast and that will make you slow down so that see more expensive stuff.

my goals for this term

my writing goal for this term is to spell all the word on the word wall correctly.

I will achieve my goal by looking at the word wall.

my personal for this term is to play in the mid field more.

I will achieve my goal by training harder